Préparer le CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
Préparer le CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

Preparing for the CFA...

The CFA (chartered financial analyst) is a prestigious certification recognized in the world of finance that gives credibility and legitimacy no matter what job you are considering in this universe: credit analyst, financial analyst, venture capital investment manager, trader, equity or bond manager, risk manager, etc.


Nevertheless, obtaining all three levels requires a real investment of time and intellectual availability that is sometimes difficult to reconcile with the demands of a full-time job and a balanced family life. 


Having experienced this particularly demanding course, professional in market finance, and passionate about the subject, I give structured courses with a focus on the weak points of the learners and the topics posing the most problems of understanding to the candidates and consequently those whose mastery will distinguish you from the other competitors on the day of the exam. 


I also have extensive experience in professional training and am a strong believer in a methodical, structured and rigorous approach in the sessions I conduct both in groups and one to one.


Beyond the knowledge of the key concepts and themes of the curriculum, preparing the CFA is a marathon and the quality of the preparation is crucial. 


I take particular care to dissect the concepts and other (very numerous) formulas of the curriculum that can lose many candidates in order to allow them to avoid rote learning as much as possible, which from my own experience is often counterproductive during the CFA exam.


In addition, I can help you find the best third party provider, advise you on the best question databases and mock exams, help you cross-reference information sources, take intelligent notes, write the essay portion of the Level 3 exam, help you set up a program that is adapted to your constraints and your way of managing information and learning, and many other tips that, when put together, can make the difference on exam day. 


Finally, my professional experience (former private equity manager, and currently trader, trainer and consultant in market and corporate finance) allows me to best illustrate the most difficult concepts of the curriculum, especially for levels 2 and 3.


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