Why choose CFA TUTORING?

CFA TUTORING has partnered with AnalystPrep, one of the leaders in content for candidates preparing for the CFA exam for all 3 levels.

Adopting the intensive revision formula offered by CFA TUTORING during the 2 months preceding the exam date allows you to benefit, for 1 year, from access to:

1-summarized and exam-oriented content (notes) of each module for each topic (approximately 2000 pages per level),

2-highly educational videos explaining the numerous modules of each topic (about 60 hours per level),

3-practice questions (between 1500 and 3000 questions per level),

4-quizzes (possibility to mix different topics of the program),

5-4/5 mock exams per level: the results are presented in the form of averages and percentiles compared to the average of the AnalsytPrep candidates on your personal dashboard, 
formula sheets for each level, 

5-a personal dashboard to see your scores by topic and module and to track your progress. 

This means that if you wish to register for one of the CFA TUTORING preparation session, you should subscribe several months before in order to benefit from unlimited access to all these resources until your exam date.

In addition, if you fail a level, we offer a 30% discount when you re-enroll with CFA TUTORING with the same access to content updated each year by AnalystPrep.