I teach online group classes on all topics in the program for each level, with the exception of ETHICS.

Before moving on to the practical exercises, I always give a reminder of the necessary theoretical prerequisites and then go over the typical questions that can be found on the day of the exam for the Topic concerned. 

I provide explanations in interaction with the group so that everyone can participate and better understand.
The topics I focus on are those that the candidates, as a whole, find the most complicated to assimilate and deal with.

Naturally, specific questions may be asked during these sessions, which I hope will be as productive as possible.

I break down the most obscure concepts and leave no formula unexplained. 

Why do I do this? Because the CFA is a professional certification that aims to make you operational quickly. And how can you be operational unless you can use your own knowledge to good effect?

Secondly, and naturally, being able to reconstruct a formula, because it is understood, will allow you to answer the question asked precisely, whatever the context of the case submitted to the candidate on the day of the exam. 

The format of the exam will logically always value those who will privilege this approach and will sanction the others. 

Finally, it is much more satisfying to be able to reformulate a concept that is sometimes counter-intuitive at first glance than to regurgitate it mechanically without having been able to assimilate it beforehand. 


  1. 48 hours of classes spread over 8 weeks with 6 hours for each topic and 2 sessions of 3 hours each per week (see calendar),
  2. Sessions of 3 hours dedicated to the detailed correction of mock exams provided to candidates before the end of each first cycle of 8 sessions of 3 hours (see session calendar),
  3. Group sessions alternating course reminders and practical cases followed by their detailed correction,
  4. Mock exams based on the same format as the official exam (CFA Computer Based Testing),
  5. Recorded online courses accessible by candidates after each session,
  6. Unlimited access to our partner AnalystPrep's content reserved for candidates for one calendar year,
  7. Dedicated WhatsApp groups to ask questions and receive answers quickly up until the day before the exam.