Do you need information about the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and the prerequisites for the exam both in terms of minimum knowledge and professional experience?


Do you want to optimize your preparation for the CFA Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 exam?


Are you wondering if you can or should prepare alone at home or with other candidates?


Wondering if you should use a third-party provider that offers content summaries in note or video format?


Wondering which third-party providers to choose?


Wondering if reading the official CFA Institute content is incidental or a necessity?


Wondering how to handle the last month of review before the official exam date?


Wondering how many mock exams to take for proper preparation?

Wondering what score you should get on the mock exams so you can arrive confidently on exam day?


Do you want to know how to take the CFA exam since it is now done on computer (CBT) in dedicated sites?


Do you want to know if the CFA certification will be truly beneficial to you given your professional project and ambitions or any other question that will help you make a well-considered decision whether or not you subscribe to the CFA preparation formulas offered by CFA TUTORING?


I propose to organize together an information meeting of approximately 30 minutes on ZOOM during which you will be able to ask all your questions and submit to me your doubts, even your concerns about the CFA exam that you are considering taking. 


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